App Interface Sound Effects

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Ubersocial is a twitter app for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry platforms. I was hired by Ubermedia, the company behind Ubersocial, to create the apps interface sound effects. Their brief explained the sounds should reflect on the app’s brand and its users which are young, fun and playful. The client also didn’t want an electronic or robotic feel to the sound effects so my brainstorming centered around objects and actions I could record rather than synthesized audio.



The first recording sessions consisted of items I collected that reminded me of having fun and being playful as a child.


Skateboard Stop with Shoe

Of the final approved sounds my favorites are the sounds for the side panel menu slide in and out. Both sounds were created from recording my fingers sliding up a bendy-straw. I remembered doing this as a kid and loving the “POP” that the straw would make when it came off the end.











Ubersocial Bike Wheel Card


The second set of recordings came from the Ubermedia office itself since the physical environment felt fun and playful.


Foosball Handle 1


During that session my friend, Shawn Martin, filmed video of my recordings which I later used to create a promo for the app’s update with the sound effects.


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